1 session of One on One coaching call to get started on the right path OR answer any question or Look over any of your SEO Campaigns

(I will be taking this bonus off when after thanksgiving weekend. In the past my 1-1 coaching went for 4 sessions for $997)
$997 value
A Full Step by Step Video Series on Ranking Organic and in Maps
(includes going into detail on the steps outlined in the ebook)
$3997 value
Over The Shoulder Video Series of me ranking a Water Damage website in a big city
I show every step from keyword research to ranking it (on going)
$350 value
Detailed Videos on How I Source my PBNs and How I Buy and Set up $12 PBNs to rank sites
(I honestly dont know any course which teaches this. With $200 worth PBNs you can rank 2-3 lead gen sites and rent them for $500/mo easy)
$997 value
The ONLY method I use now to get clients first before starting to rank a site!
This is my cold email strategy where I show how I get 30% open rates and 15% response rates! And you get the email templates!
$297 value
My secret citations strategy to get ranked in maps
(if I show you how this consistently gets you ranked in maps, how much would it be valuable to you?)
$997 value
My quick ranking method using an aged auction domain as the money site
$297 value
How to build one master authority site and get it ranking in maps and organic for multiple locations
(coming soon)
 $997 value
Total value $7891
I have paid $5k for courses which teach less than half of what I provide!
But for beta students only its going to be for a fraction of this amount!

So You will pay ONLY $1497 one time.
Who’s in? Lets go!!!
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